We Work Hard & Aim to Please

When looking for honesty, knowledge of real estate sales, Franklin & Lydia Ebersole will add professional quality to your home project, especially when it comes to evaluating structural integrity and remodeling a property to improve investment value. Lydia and Franklin both have the knowledge and experience you can rely on.
Novik McFarlin
Real Estate Investor
These two are not only the most honest and forthright business professionals but they are also committed to whom they work with. Their pure joy and follow through with their clients is evident from beginning to end. They are reliable and two of the most relatable people and clients I know. Their integrity is what makes them who they are as a team and you would be lucky and fortunate to be in business with Frank and Lydia.
Kristen Menezes
Lydia and Franklin are professionals through and through. Obstacles do not stop them, but stir their creative juices. They see challenge as an amazing opportunity towards success, not a hinderance. Above all else, I am impressed with their work ethic and honesty in all that they do. You will not find two people as trustworthy. It’s a rare find these days.  Their integrity speaks volumes to me.
Beth Mellinger
Insurance Agent